Where We make It

Almost everything we sell is made or assembled in Germany or the United States, We have a total of 5 production plants in Germany, the United States and other countries or regions. Below we will explain the various methods of craftsmanship that go into each piece of furniture. We take pride in who we are and hope this information will make it easier for you to buy Bossschair.
Bench Made Craftsmen
Made in Germany or the United States
Chair is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Germany or the United States with trees harvested in the Appalachians. Each piece is meticulously detailed and finished by hand.

Crafted & Tailored in Germany or the United States
The majority of our upholsteries is hand-assembled and sewn in Europe or America, includeing routing and assembling the frame, cutting and sewing the fabrics and leathers, and upholstering the finished product. There are lots of people involved and all of them takes pride in their work.

Assembled and Finished in Germany or the United States
Because of our commitment to custom furniture without long time waiting, we complete it before you order it. For some wood products, we stock components from the world. We inspect, assemble and finish it just for you. With Bossschair, you get custom furniture without the customary wait.

Fabrics & Leathers
To bring you a collection of beautiful fabrics and leathers, we search for the finest form weavers and tanners with good quality and reputation. The fabric and leather maertial we usually purchase is from Europe, America, South America, or Asia.

Globally Sourced
In order to meet your personal needs, we source some of our designs from furniture makers around the world. We cooperate with people we trust, who understand our desire for exceptional quality, and make a commitment to a clean healthy workplace. We inspect factories several times a year to make sure they live up to our standards.