Winter Deals

The year of 2021 has passed and 2022 has arrived. All households are filled with a strong New Year spirit. During this time of transition between the old and the new, people are getting rid of old things or buying new things to welcome the new year.

During the last few months of 2021 winter, Bossschair will be running a Winter Clearance Event to welcome the new year! The winter's clearance event is from December 31st, 2021 to February 30th, 2022.

1) Get $100 coupons if being our members
Now if you resigter as our members, you would get a coupon for $100.

2) In BosssChair's Winter Deals area, you can get you great savings on great designer chairs up to $1,000.

3) We provide free shipping for all products.

Warm hearted wishes for a happy New Year filled with all your favorite things form Bossschair.